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Air Duct - Before Cleaning

Air Duct - After Cleaning

Do I need Air Duct Cleaning?

If not properly cleaned and maintained, air ducts can become a breeding ground for molds and other air pollutants.

Mold growth inside a heating and cooling system. If the intake vents are showing signs of mold growth or the outtakes smell of mold, it's time to seek out air duct cleaning services.

Insects and vermin have infiltrated the duct system. If rodents, cockroaches or other unwanted critters take up residence in a home's air duct system, they can and will leave behind droppings. If there is a known problem with vermin in the air duct system, hiring an exterminator alone is not enough to remove their traces. Duct cleaning can finish cleaning up the mess.

Build up of dust and debris. Again, pay attention to the smells, too. Still, if dirt and dust are heavily built up and very visible, it's time to call on air duct cleaning services. Dust and dirt that is left in air ducts can be blown back out into the air. It can also promote the growth of mold and bacteria -- especially if moisture is present in a heating and cooling system's ducts.

Moisture problems with insulated ducts. If water is a problem in air ducts, cleaning and even replacing the insulation is probably in order. If this is left unchecked, the ducts can be subject to mold growth.

Your Central heat and air system is not functioning efficiently. When debris builds upon the ducts and in the coils, systems will not function at top performance. This can impair the efficiency and even damage the air system.

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